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Selasa, 11 Oktober 2011

History of Herbal Medicine

history of herbal medicine
In historical records, the study of herbal plants started in the last 5.000 on the Sumerians, who had used herbal plants for medical purposes, such as laurel, a plant fragrance, and hollyhock. The people of Egypt from 1000 BC. known to have used garlic, opium, castor oil, coriander, candy, color / plant indigo, and other herbal plants for treatment. At the time of the Prophet SAW, he uses herbal medicines such as habbatussaudah which is still widely used to treat some diseases such as increasing stamina, prevent allergies, blood pressure control sugar levels in the blood, breaks up kidney stones, etc..

In Ancient documents also mention the use of plants / herbs herbs, including plants mandrak (poisonous), vetch, a plant fragrance, wheat, barley, and wheat hitam.Buku about herbs from China was recorded around the year 200 BC which contains 365 medicinal plants and the use of -use of these herbal plants, among others mentioned including ma-Huang, who introduced efedrina to modern medicine. The Greeks and ancient Romans did use herbs for healing.

As written in the notes Hippocrates, Galen, especially the practice of the Greeks and Romans in herbal medicine to be a reference in the implementation of the treatment in the west at a later date. Greek and Roman practices in connection with a drug, such as those preserved in the writings of Hippocrates and - especially-Lover, which provided polapola for later western medicine. Hippocrates advocated the use of simple herbs, such as healthy air, fresh and clean, reasonable rest and diet. While Galen advocated the use of large doses of drug mixtures including plants, animals, minerals and herbs.

Medical experts Greeks are Europeans who first made reference uses of medicinal plants, De Materia Medica. In the first century after AD, Dioscorides wrote a summary of over 500 plants, which become a reference during the 17th century. Equally important for herbalists and plant experts found the book of the Greeks, Theophrastus Historia Plantarum, written in the 4th century.

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