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Sabtu, 15 Oktober 2011

What is Genitri

RUDRAKSA = Rudra means Shiva and Aksa means the eye, so that means the whole meaning of the eye of Shiva, which is in line with the mythology that in a moment dripping tears of Shiva, and then grow into trees spread at the State rudraksa Bharatawarsa and surrounding areas, Malaysia and even up to the Nusantara Earth, which popular with the name or GENITRI GANITRI. In the Latin language called ELAEOCARPUS GANITRUS. There are three different types of ganitri and 4 somewhat different type named KATULAMPA.

RUDRAKSA = is the favorite fruit of Shiva and is considered a high purity. Therefore rudraksa believed to cleanse sins by looking,
contact, and by wearing it as a means of japa (Shiva Purana). As a means of japa or can be used by all levels of the people or by all four colors of people, as well as by men or women are old or young.

In addition to the influence of spiritual / religious, told users rudraksa also allows for biomedical and bio-elektomagnetis (energy), can generally be
is said to give effect to health, freshness and fitness. It is revealed from the book about penyhelidikan in depth towards the rudraksa privilege in India.

To get the power-up to a maximum, of ethics and must meet the requirements, let alone to obtain special benefits, with regard to certain properties owned rudraksa accordance with the form, manner and number of mukhi (juringan) it. Generally it can be stated that rudraksa should not
used / taken to the toilet, mourn, also kepemakaman / crematorium, and not in a state cuntaka (resentful), and resentful about her. Before the beads should be used genitri was dedicated at the temple, and then filed its worth denagan sprinkled Tirtha, which means its use through ritual procedures. It was taken because of her prayer beads japa with genitri not just to calculate, using a series of japa-mala rudraksa also not just an accessory or as an attribute of the status quo. With the ritual to achieve inner stability that magical dimension, and treat japa-mala-rudraksa it as a means sacred, in addition to health.

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