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Senin, 24 Oktober 2011

Risks and side effects of herbal medicines that should look

The rise of alternative medicine / herbal medicine which uses natural herbal ingredients or current disease turned out to attract enthusiasts who sometimes despair with medical treatment, and the use of herbal medicines are sometimes beyond the control of health services especially in the practice of alternative medicine practices that are not clear.

side effects and dangers of herbal medicines

Do not, because there is the impression of herbal and natural communities are stuck with ignorance about the substances in herbal medicine that was in use without the dose and control instead of natural fatal.bahan result is good because of the nature but the element contained in herbal materials should be announcing.

So in principle, DRUG herbal medicines have potential side effects with synthetic drugs or conventional. Our bodies can not distinguish between treatments using herbs with synthetic medications. Herbal medicinal products are the parts of the plant (eg roots, leaves, bark, etc.) and contain many active chemical compounds. These compounds, in addition to having healing properties can also have side effects that can be detrimental.

According to experts herbal medicine / herbal medicine believe that the use of a combination of plant extracts have healing effects are more powerful than using only one component of the plant alone. The combination of these herbs have a synergistic effect, which complement each other and even add to the usefulness.

This combination is also claimed to reduce unwanted side effects, for example, can reduce the incidence of poisoning rather than just using one type of herb. However, theoretically, the combination of active chemicals in some kind of herbs can also interact to make herbal potions to be more toxic than using one type of herb.

In some types of herbal medicines can cause serious problems or side effects from herbal medicine itself for. In surgical patients, for example through increased bleeding tendency. Children and mothers who are breastfeeding also include groups that are vulnerable to the use of drugs, including herbal medicine, so its use should be strictly controlled. Several researchers have demonstrated the potential of herbal medicines injuring certain organs, eg liver, skin, digestive system and others.

The decision to use herbal medicines usually do not as a form of resistance to synthetic drugs or drug factories, but rather a people's desire to maintain their own health independently and naturally. The community also believes alternative treatments with herbal harmony with philosophical values ​​that exist in society.

In addition, there is a belief that motivates the use of something natural that is safe. It is somewhat misleading and not entirely true, because herbal medicines also contain a variety of active chemical compounds which can only have adverse side effects.

And side effects of this herbal medicine can occur in several ways, such as toxicity, contraindications with other drugs, and others.

Here are things to consider in the use of herbal medicines include:

* Safety of herbal medicine in general;
* The content of toxins that may be contained herbs that are used;
* Adverse effects on specific organs, such as the cardiovascular, nervous system, liver, kidneys and skin;
* Safety of herbal medicines for vulnerable users, for example: children and adolescents, the elderly, women during pregnancy and lactation, patients with cancer and surgical patients;
* Interactions that may occur among the components of herbal medicines;
* When appropriate use.

In medicine, these side effects can be related to several things, among others:

* Counterfeiting of products,
* Quality of product is low, due to lack of supervision of production, etc..
* Contamination of foreign substances from the outside,
* The use of depleted, expired.

Examples of the use of herbal medicines that need attention:

Crown of god
Seeds should not be consumed directly because it is very poisonous. Should not be used longer menstruating women.

Leaf Celery (Apium graveolens)
This plant has been proven to reduce blood pressure, but its use must be careful because of the excessive dose (overdose) can lower blood pressure drastically so that if people can not stand can cause shock. It is therefore advisable not to consume more than one glass of celery juice for one drink.

Gambier commonly used to stop diarrhea. However, the use of more than the size of a thumb it's not only stop the diarrhea but it will cause difficulty in bowel movements for days.

Distance oil (oleum recini)
This oil is commonly used to treat an enema. However, if usage is not measured will cause digestive tract irritation.

Vicious or broken glass shard (Strobilantus crispus)
This herb is used to treat kidney stones. However, if usage exceeds 2 grams of powder each time, can cause urinary tract irritation. In addition, in some patients taking the nasty shard to treat pain of kidney stones, it found the red blood cells with an amount exceeding the normal range in urine.

The possibility of this is due to leaf KEJIBELING is a powerful diuretic that can cause irritation of the gastrointestinal tract. It would be more appropriate for them if you use leaf cat's whiskers (Ortosiphon aristatus) the effect diuretiknya lighter and combined with leaf tempuyung (Sonchus arvensis), which does not have a strong diuretic effect, but can dissolve calcium kidney stones.

If the long-term use can damage the liver.

Side effects of this herbal medicine can be avoided if the usage right way and has been tested in preclinical and clinical trials, as done in conventional medicine.

So the decision is on you ..!

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