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Rabu, 26 Oktober 2011

Soursop leaf Proven Anti-Cancer

Soursop leaf Proven Anti-Cancer

(Scientific & Empirical Evidence)

"At first I was not someone who believes herbs, but look at the efficacy of soursop leaf to overcome cancer, I now believe the herb," ​​said Hendarlin.

Hendarlin trust herbal form of, among others, by planting soursop Annona muricata in the front yard and backyard. Nine different tree ages it thrives. In addition to his own purposes, he also gives members of the family Annonaceae plant leaves it to relatives and neighbors. Hendarlin own soursop seedlings planted now grows 1 to 1.5 meter.Pensiunan a state-owned enterprise that soursop plant to treat the disappointment that would not go away. Two years ago, Hendarlin wife, Tuti, passed away into God's lap after a seven-year battle against breast cancer cells. Hendarlin take different roads to reach his wife's recovery. However, eventually such as Latin proverb: proponit homo, sed Deus disponit, human effort, God disposes.

Regret later

When relatives positive breast cancer, a year after the death of his wife, Hendarlin provide soursop leaf. Relative health condition continued to improve and eventually recovered. Since then, he believes the benefits of herbs, especially leaves of soursop as anticancer. However, on the other hand, how sorry Hendarlin. He felt "failed to save" his wife. "I really miss him. It was she a good wife and hard to find someone like him, "said Hendarlin while tears.

Regret was prolonged because Hendarlin feel the cancer drug was cheap and relatively easy to get it. However, because of ignorance, of course, an alumnus of the University of Indonesia was not able to provide a rich leaf acetogenins compounds to soul mates. Compounds that are anticancer and works by suppressing the production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) in mitochondria. As a result of cancer cells run out of energy and was finished my memoirs.

Reni Hoegeng, child Hoegeng General, former head of the Police Department, since January 2011 also regularly consumed five-leaf decoction soursop. Frequency of consumption once a day. He anticipates disease death for relatives suffering from cysts. Popularity as a herbal anticancer soursop leaves are rising in the last four months. Many people are now eating soursop leaf decoction to overcome or prevent cancer, tumors, and cysts.

Though, originally people only take advantage of the fruit is sweet-sour and rich in antioxidants that. Soursop leaves virtually "inaudible" as an anticancer herb, at first. But now more and more people use it. The widespread use of soursop leaf may be due to the preparation that is easy to obtain, inexpensive, and an important effectual. Nelleke Sastromiharjo who developed brain cancer, titin Suprihatin (breast cancer), Adhi Darma (colon cancer), and Ng Tung Hauw (vocal cords cancer) only a few patients to prove the efficacy of soursop leaf.

Cure or improvement in their health condition was not solely because of soursop leaf. Caring families and relatives played a role. That is why on the cover page of your magazine, there are purple aka lavender colored ribbon as a symbol of concern for young cancer patients. Women in the ancient Roman era Lamiaceae family members take advantage of interest to scent the bath water and clothes in the closet.

Soursop leaves reveal efficacy as anticancer drugs increase the repertoire of plant utilization in the homeland. As a country megabiodiversitas, Indonesia has 30,000 species of plants, more than 9600 medicinal plants. However, we have 350 new use of medicinal plants. Consumption of soursop leaf routine may like the meaning of the word lavender - washing or wiping. Let the leaves of the soursop "wash" the patient's injury and illness. (Sardi Duryatmo / Covering: Tri Istianingsih)

source: Poster Online

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