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Kamis, 13 Oktober 2011

Traditional Medicine

Traditional Medicine

For centuries, various kinds of drugs have been trying to find humans to treat various diseases. Since the earliest times, mostly in the form of traditional medicine herbal remedies have been used to treat diseases. For example Ebers Papyrus, compiled in Egypt around the 16th century BC, contains hundreds of folk medicine for various diseases. However, herbal medicine is usually passed down orally from generation to generation.
Although some have argued that traditional medicines or herbal medicines are safer than modern pharmaceutical drugs, traditional medicine is not without risk. Warnings and recommendations should be kept in mind what a person when considering herbal remedies or traditional medicine? Before discussing the risks of traditional medicine, here are some recipes of traditional medicine and medical facts of each recipe is believed to overcome some kind of disease and to solve problems of personal appearance.Cholesterol and Diabetes

* Recipe: Boil bay leaf together laos then drink the cooking water.
* Fact: The leaves contain flavonoids and tannins regards as a substance that can menurunkankan cholesterol. Can also lower blood sugar levels.

Laos contains essential oils to help smooth the blood circulation and metabolic processes, including spending the rest of the excess cholesterol.

* Recipes: Eat celery leaves on a regular basis.
* Fact: Celery contains the phthalide are able to relax the arterial muscles and thus reducing blood pressure in hypertensive patients and also reduces the production of stress hormones.

* Recipes: Drinking water decoction of ginger, lemongrass and coriander.
* Fact: ginger, lemon grass and coriander contain essential oils that will facilitate the circulation of blood also serves as an analgesic to reduce pain in the head.

* Recipe: lemon water mixed with honey.
* Fact: Orange juice contains vitamin C which can improve the body's defenses against flu. Also serves as an antiseptic that is able to remove toxins in the body.

Honey, which also serves as an antiseptic and can add power to defeat the disease.

* Recipes: Apply honey on the wound
* Fact: Honey contains hydrogen peroxide and gluconic acid that will kill the bacteria causing the infection and helps the growth of new cells so that the wound be quickly healed.

* Recipe: Roll the betel leaf that has been cleaned and put into the nostrils.
* Fact: The betel leaf is able to reduce bleeding, including bleeding in the mucous membranes in the nose as occurs in people who suffered this nosebleed.
Mouth Odor

* Recipe: Boil the betel leaf, cloves and turmeric. Then rinse with boiling water.
* Fact: The betel leaf and cloves contains antiseptic substance. Turmeric contains curcumin is able to cope with infectious germs that cause bad breath.

* Recipe: Boil some betel leaves and bitter.
* Fact: The betel leaf function as an antiseptic. Sambiloto serves as antiflamasi that kill mold and prevent itching.
Menstrual pain

* Recipe: Boil turmeric along with tamarind.
* Fact: Turmeric contains curcumin. Containing tamarind fruit acid that will make the menstrual blood to be smooth and reduce stomach cramps.
Difficult Sleep

* Recipes: rubbing lavender oil on the pillow or under the nose to smell. Can also drink juice with cucumber, banana and nutmeg.
* Fact: Aromatherapy using lavender flowers make a person more quickly to sleep well.

Cucumber contains vitamin C. Bananas contain carbohydrates and folic acid blood circulation. Nutmeg mempu contains essential oils that make the mind becomes calm.
Dry Lips

* Recipes: Apply honey on the lips.
* Fact: Honey act as antioxidants and humecant that can retain moisture, including moisture into the lips so that the lips are not chapped.
Dull teeth

* Recipes: mash the strawberries and mix with half a teaspoon of baking soda. Spread on your teeth, let stand for a few minutes then wipe. Do it sparingly, because the acid can erode your teeth if used frequently.
* Fact: Strawberries contain malic acid which serves as a natural bleach.

* Recipe: Take the egg white and apply on face, use as a mask.
* Fact: Egg white albumin mangandung that can serve as a moisturizer and skin tightening.

* Recipes: Soak sliced ​​chili in lime juice. Apply it on the head before shampooing.
* Fact: Orange juice contains vitamin C and fruit acid. While the chili contain capsaicin that can kill bacteria or fungi so the scalp is clean.
Bee Stings

* Recipes: Apply toothpaste or a mixture of baking soda and water on the sting. Do not forget to remove the stinger is left in the body.
* Fact: Toothpaste can neutralize the pain of the sting. Baking soda can give comfort to the wounds sting.
Burned skin or Blisters

* Recipes: Apply aloe vera on the body of the blister.
* Fact: Aloe vera contains mucopolysaccharides that are useful as an antiseptic and anti-inflammatory so it helps to keep skin blistered uninfected bacteria also prevents the occurrence of redness caused by inflammation. The content of collagen in preventing the occurrence of swelling of aloe vera. In addition, aloe vera can provide a cooling effect that helps reduce pain.

Cautions in the Use of Traditional Medicines
Although herbs or traditional medicines may be broadly considered to be safe, it is advisable to be cautious. Do not loosen your vigilance just because a product labeled "natural". An unpleasant fact is that some herbs can even be very dangerous. And ironically, some people do not view herbal or traditional medicine as it should. Chemical compounds in traditional medicine or herbs can alter heart rate, blood pressure, and glucose levels. So, people who have heart problems, high blood pressure, or blood sugar disorders such as diabetes must be very vigilant.
However, the side effects of traditional medicine is usually limited to the type of allergic reaction. Such as headaches, dizziness, nausea, or rash. Some traditional medicine or herb might cause "healing crisis" to produce flu-like symptoms or other symptoms. People who consume traditional medicine may appear to be getting worse before it gets better. In general, it is said that this reaction is caused by the disposal of toxic wastes from the body during the early stages of herbal therapy.
If you choose to treat themselves with traditional medicine, you should consider some kind of risk that you may not really know what is causing your health problems. Then you do the treatment itself may cure ailments, but exacerbate other health problems, such as high blood pressure. Even some self-medication may be possible in contrast to prescription drugs.
As with all health products, traditional medicine should be used with caution, and knowledge, balance. Remember that there are some diseases and health problems that now is no cure.

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