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Sabtu, 19 November 2011

Persea gratissima Gaerin

Indonesia local name: Apukat; Advocaat; Avocados; Apuket

Description of plants: trees, can reach 10 feet high, woody stems and branches. single oval-shaped leaves and green. Inflorescence panicle-shaped, growing at the end of twigs. Buni Fruit ovoid shape, the shape of a ribbon or round shape. The color green to purple fruit. Flesh of the fruit when ripe yellow or greenish kkuning. Roots including root-riding

Habitat: Grows in areas berikilim heat at low altitude 1200 m asl

Part of plant used: Leaves

Chemical Ingredients: Oils fats; Lecithin; Fitosterin; Vitamins A, B, D, and vitamin E

Indications: Diuretic; Anti-bacterial

Simplesia Name: Folium Perseae

The traditional recipe:

Kidney stones: Leaves fresh avokat 7 strands; Water 110 ml, Made infusion or poured boiling water, drink 2 times a day; morning and evening, every times drinks 100 ml

Abdominal pain and dysentery: 5 g fresh leaves avokat; rhizome fresh key retrieval 5 g, 6 g of fresh turmeric rhizome; Rasuk wind ½ g fresh gotu kola leaves 6 g Water 115 ml, Made infusion or poured boiling water, drink 1 a day 100 ml .

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