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Kamis, 13 Oktober 2011

Herba drug benefit

Herbal medicine is an alternative way in curing diseases, in addition to using chemical drugs. Herbal remedies made from herbs or natural plant that is safe for consumption and free of excessive side effects. There are several advantages of herbal medicines:

herbal medicine 

a . No side effects when used at normal doses.
This happens because the herbal medicine composed of organic materials are complex. In other words herbal remedies can be considered as a means of food materials consumed in order to repair the damaged organ or system. Excess use of herbal medicines that cause side effects such as excess food. As a result, as the key, the recommended dose is the dose for the use of traditional herbal and slightly reduced.

b. Effective, even for diseases that are difficult to treat medically.
Based on the experience of hereditary written or oral, and then studied from various aspects such as botany, chemistry and pharmacology. Approach emphasized the use of herbal pharmacology pad aspect which is the function of these herbs in the treatment process.

c. Low price and can be planted alone.
Especially if we can plant their own by making a medicinal plant families, which includes the plant for treatment and health maintenance. Prices will increase if the herbs were obtained in the form of dried simplicia. Will increase again if consumed in the form or capsules. Will be quite high even if in extract form.

d. Its application is simpler.
If the diagnosis is clear then the treatment can be done at home with the help of other family members. Physician assistance is needed for a correct diagnosis based on laboratory data. Therapeutic recommendations can be given by a physician who also herbalist, but treatment can be at home by family members. 

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